About Clark

I’m a Christian. I’m 28. I’m the 4th of 5 kids.  I’m a husband, and a father. I grew up in a Christian home and received the Lord Jesus as my Savior at a young age.

After I left home for college, the Lord really captured me and I consecrated myself to Him. After graduating, I worked for an engineering firm for a couple of years.

Then I went to a Bible truth and church service training for two years. Now I work for an engineering firm in Billings, Montana.

I owe much of my appreciation of the Bible and what little bit I have grown in the Lord to the writings of several servants of the Lord, mainly Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. I have also received much help from Andrew Murray, John Nelson Darby, and Andrew Miller. I have also been helped very much by reading various spiritual biographies like the Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor.

This blog is just an outlet for my study of the Bible. I’m on a 10 year trek through the New Testament using mostly one commentary: The Life-Study of the Bible by Witness Lee. I have a feeling I will inject other things I come across too. For example, I really like old hymns.

Also, I’d like to hear from you about some of these things I’m reading and presenting. Is it way out there? Is it relevant? Please add something. I’m just a one talented slave. You have your talent too. We should do business until the Lord comes.

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  1. David Rodriguez

    November 21, 2010

    Yes! Let’s do business together! I’m in!

  2. Very interesting topics you address here. Maybe the word of God is primarily a healing word. Do you think so?

    • Thank you Linda. That’s a great question. This is just my thought, so take it for what it’s worth: Healing is necessary and is everywhere in the gospels for sure. I think it’s important, but not primary. Healing (whether it be physical healing, or healing our soul) is one of the steps to prepare us for something greater. It enables us to carry out God’s eternal purpose. God’s eternal purpose is God’s will for Himself. It is His good pleasure (Eph 1:5, 9, Phil 2:15). That is my thought about the purpose of the Word. That being said, God definitely has to do some healing within us to prepare us for such a high calling!
      That’s my thought. I would love to hear yours too!

  3. I don’t disagree with what you are saying. It’s interesting how God has made us all different and emphasized different things in each of our lives. What He emphasizes in the mind of someone who becomes a physician is probably a little different from what He emphasizes in the mind of someone who adopts 6 or 7 underprivileged children, or someone who is good at research and instructing people. It’s all good, as they say.

    • I agree exactly. That’s why we need the Body of Christ. Each member has a unique portion that no other member has. I love those verses in 1 Corinthians 12 on how the Body of Christ is composed of many members, yet all the members are one Body. We should not despise our own portion, nor despise any other member’s portion. I find that so encouraging, and it makes genuine fellowship with other believers so precious.

  4. On the subject of healing again, I read this quote in the Life-study of the Bible by Witness Lee (my favorite Bible commentary)

    “In order to receive the revelation of Christ, there is the need of the environment created by His ministry. In the continuation of His ministry the King did many signs. He healed the leper, He healed the servant boy of a Roman centurion, and He healed the mother-in-law of Peter. Following this, He healed a great many other people. This was His ministry.”

    So as I understand it, Christ’s ministry was healing, but His purpose was to create an environment in which people could receive the revelation of Christ. So I’ll quote another portion from the Life-study:

    “If you do not see this ministry in such a way, if you cannot see the environment created by this ministry for the revelation of Christ, and if you cannot see all the items of what Christ is, you may read the Gospel of Matthew a hundred times without receiving anything from it.”

  5. thanks for the ping, carl. i was happy to have been directed to your blog. it was a joy to read. you are still quite young and it is great to see how you are already so devoted to being intimate with Christ.

    God bless us all indeed!

    • Amen! God bless us all! Thank you for your encouraging words. I enjoyed reading your post too. I am always so encouraged when I find other believers like you writing about the same things that I am enjoying, especially since your experience of Christ is never from the same exact angle. I really feel like I can touch the “One Body and One Spirit” (Eph 4:4) when we fellowship like this.

      Praise the Lord!


  6. Jerome

    July 20, 2011

    Hey Brother,

    Would you mind if I posted a link to your blog from my blog?


  7. Joe Parrino

    August 9, 2011

    I noticed that all the ministers who’ve helped you have been dead — for 15 years at least. Are there any living Bible teachers/church visionaries whom you find beneficial? A contemporary who helps you grow? There are plenty of rich ministers still with us today: Rick Warren, John Bevere, Tony Evans, Beth Moore, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Bob Sorge, Max Lucado, Francis Chan, Joyce Meyer, JOhn Piper, T.D. Jakes, just to name a few.

  8. Wow Joe, you know quite a few contemporary Bible teachers! Probably the contemporaries that I get the most help from are not well known.

    As far as well-known teachers, I would say that I admire Frank Viola a lot. I feel like he really sees God’s eternal purpose and has a passion for it. But I’m not that widely read in contemporary Christian authors.

    Which are your favorites? Books or authors? I’m always open to a good recommendation!


  9. Joe Parrino

    August 12, 2011

    Good, I’m glad to hear you’re open. As you know, God’s eternal purpose has everything to with the unsearchable riches of Christ. It is a hidden mystery now revealed through His apostles and prophets. That “now” in Ephesians 3 is always current. And “apostles and prophets” includes a group much bigger than any church affiliation or movement. For instance, the authors I listed are all Americans who publish in English. Imagine how long that list would be were it to include apostles and prophets from around the world.

    My point is that we shouldn’t restrict our reading to only those who fit our interpretation of Scripture. Paul, Apollos & Cephas are all ours. As long as a ministry is Biblical, it’s a good thing to be challenged by a book or Bible study that force us to “examine if these things are so.”

    Francis Chan’s book Crazy Love is a tremendous magnifying glass for your own romance with the Lord.Bo SOrge’s Secret of the Secret Place is the best Bible study I’ve ever enountered on the subject of personal time with te Lord. Rick Warren’s tweets on church leadership are refilled with heavenly vision. My wife just completed a Biblbestdy called the Patriarches by Beth Moore.. It was like reading Genesis for the firt time even though she had been in the FTTA.gularly

    Which of Frank Viola’s books do you recommend? You’ve got me interested.


  10. Joe Parrino

    August 12, 2011

    P.S. sorry for the typos. My browser window was acting up.

    • Joe, sorry for the long wait. I just took a job out of state. My family is moving from California to Montana. Soooo busy.

      I appreciate your exhortation and your recommendations. Like you say, we should be open to any ministry that opens up the unsearchable riches of Christ. However, there is one more requirement that I use. It is based upon Romans 16:17: “mark those who make divisions… and turn away from them.”

      The result of a ministry must be that it does not divide the Body of Christ. Many ministers today, although they pass the first test, fail the second test. The result of their ministry is that their following is built up, their denomination is built up, or their “school of thought” is built up. The genuine expression of the Body of Christ, however, remains divided.

      I’m not talking about dividing the universal Body of Christ. That is impossible. I’m talking about the local expression of the Body. Instead of the believers in a certain city being built up, many of these ministers perpetuate denominationalism and division among believers. That is my perception.

      The reason that I am more influenced by the writers and ministers above is that, to me, their ministry stands against this tide. It not only opens the unsearchable riches of Christ to me, but also builds up the practical, tangible expression of the Body of Christ on the earth.

      That being said, I am open to other ministers, and have been nourished and shepherded by many of them. Frank Viola is a good example. Mostly I read his blog. I’m reading his first book “Pagan Christianity” right now.

      My dad read “From Eternity to Here” and recommended it to me, but I haven’t picked it up yet. Frank himself recommends the latter book as his most important work and the former as his least important. But “Pagan Christianity” was $1 on Kindle so I had to grab it!

      If you’d like to talk more, send me an email at clarkarussell@gmail.com. I would love to continue our fellowship! It seems that you have been a believer for a long time.


      • roeigpojas

        October 10, 2012

        wow…i’m nourished and refreshed by this comment… I’ve grown up from a Christian family and i just love the Lord so much…but i never expected to come to a point in my life where I’ve got a lot of doubts and questionings in my mind about the church and its practices. and questions like why do most of the publications we read are from these writers, how about the books of other Christian writers, are we neglecting the vision they’ve seen?

        as you had quoted, Rom. 16:17, “mark those who make divisions…and turn away from them.” though we do not neglect any people, yet we must turn away from those who make divisions…we accept them but do not accept their system, is that right?

      • roeigpojas, I’d say you got it! We love every one of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Absolutely!

        But, you said it correctly. We don’t accept their system. We oppose the denominational system. It decapitates the Body of Christ. But for Pete’s sake, don’t just read Nee and Lee. Read Viola, read those authors that Joe referenced above. Go for it. From your comment, I’m pretty confident that you have developed the “taste” for the healthy food. You should be able to filter out the junk, the system stuff.

      • may I know who Pete is? you just said in the comment: “for Pete’s sake”…

      • It’s an American euphamism. It’s like “for goodness sake” or “for heavens sake.”

  11. Hi Clark! I just began a blog. I was wondering if I could put your link on mine?

    And yes my brother lets do business until He comes!

  12. Enosh! My brother, good to hear from you. Spreading links is a good thing. It would be a favor to me!


  13. Joe Parrino

    September 24, 2011

    Once you said Kindle had Pagan Christianity for $1, I was off and downloading. I will read it and get back to you on it. Thank you also for the thoughtful response to my post. I am 35 and have been dedicated to my faith for about 15 years. You seemed like a guy who might understand where I’m coming from

  14. Let me know what you think Joe. I’d love to hear your insight.

  15. Came across this blog while looking for some information/diagram on man being tripartite. Thank you brother Clark for putting it up. It is my hope that this seeking teenager would gain a lot from your blog.

  16. My hope is the same! Thanks for the encouragement, although I’m not really posting anything new these days. Life gets busy. I’d love to write more, but I don’t seem to have the energy after work and dinner and putting the kid to bed.

  17. I truly love our Lord Jesus, thank you for helping me to understand the bible. I was not born Christian but I am now. I am learning from your website which is great. I would also love to say you have been chosen by Lord for assisting people like us to understand GOD’s will and our purpose of like. May the almighty bless you!


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