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Stop Serving God. Just Stop.

July 5, 2012


It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Seven months. Phew.  I’m still touched by how many of you subscribe and comment. You encourage me. May you continue to grow in the Lord. Call & Response I’ve never met a Christian who didn’t want to serve God. It’s built into us. He saved us. Serving God […]

72 Precious Words that Define Our Personal Relationship with God

May 2, 2011


So often, my relationship with the Lord is like a text message conversation— intermittent, abbreviated, and distant. How many of us need our personal relationship with the Lord restored? When I say “relationship,” I mean a romantic one. Just us and the Lord. The only way to cultivate such a relationship is  by spending time with Him. […]

The Kingdom: What’s the big deal?

December 4, 2010


Here’s a question that I’m struggling with. I’ll set it up like this: we know that the Bible, specifically the New Testament, is the divinely inspired revelation of the loving, intimate, purposeful God. But in His purpose, God chose to begin the New Testament with the book of Matthew, which is a book whose focus […]