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100 Memory Worthy Verses from the Gospel of Matthew

November 22, 2011


This post is by a friend of mine named Joe Putnam. He wanted to write a guest post for this blog. Reading through it will give you a great birds-eye view of this gospel. Follow Joseph on Twitter (@JosephPutnam). Every verse in the book of Matthew is worthy to be memorized. But since that’s probably not […]

Happy Birthday to the Blog

November 14, 2011


Woah! It snuck up on me! It was one year ago that I took the plunge into the icy waters of the blogosphere. It was a big plunge with a small splash, and it came a month after my wife and I had our first baby. Now my daughter is toddling around and so is […]

Discerning the Truth, Part 1: What If There’s No Hell?

April 20, 2011


It’s late April, 2011. You’re standing in line at a grocery store somewhere in North America. You navigate your eyes though the minefield of magazine covers to the safe haven of Time… The cover article is “What if there’s no HELL?” It’s about the author of a new book, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, […]

Treasuring the Divine Life

December 15, 2010


Recieving a Burden There is nothing like spending personal one-on-one time with Jesus. Nothing comes close. Bible reading, meeting with other believers, preaching the gospel, studying the Bible, all wonderful. Necessary, even. That being said, nothing compares to stopping, turning one’s heart, and just spending time with Jesus. These are the times that the Lord […]

Only as Good as its People

December 8, 2010


The statement that I’m about to make may sound like a political commentary, but it’s not. It’s just a simple statement that I think we would all agree about, regardless of our personal socio-political bend. Okay, here it is: “A country is only as good as its people.” Don’t you agree? In a very simplistic […]

“The Kingdom of the Heavens”

November 21, 2010


In the whole Bible, there are only two basic ministries: the priesthood and the kingship. The priesthood was given to Levi, and the kingship was given to Judah. In the Gospels, again we have only two ministries. The first was of John the Baptist, a decedent of a priest and from the tribe of Levi. […]

What’s John doing here?

November 19, 2010


The entire Bible is about one Person: Christ. The Old Testament points forward to Christ in stories and types and the New Testament reveals Christ openly and clearly. However, before Christ came, someone else needed to come: John the Baptist. This is the first striking figure in the New Testament. But why did Christ need […]