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Guest Post on “Holding to Truth”—Faith: What It Is and How To Get It

August 2, 2012


Here’s a great blog I’m subscribed to. “Holding to Truth in Love.” Some good friends of mine manage and write for it. They just posted a short article I wrote for them about “Faith.” Check out the blog and look for my article at — Advertisements

100 Memory Worthy Verses from the Gospel of Matthew

November 22, 2011


This post is by a friend of mine named Joe Putnam. He wanted to write a guest post for this blog. Reading through it will give you a great birds-eye view of this gospel. Follow Joseph on Twitter (@JosephPutnam). Every verse in the book of Matthew is worthy to be memorized. But since that’s probably not […]

The Truth: How to Find It and Why It’s Awesome

November 11, 2011


It’s time to get metaphysical. If you read my blog, you know I like Watchman Nee. An amazing student of the Word. A man who had a deep, intimate relationship with God. A man who also, on May 30, 1972, died in a Communist prison camp for his faith in Christ. A small scrap of […]

30 Things Every Christian Should Remember

October 27, 2011


To remember,   to bring to mind,   to consider… Why Our Memory is So Important The journey of our Christian life is the transformation of our soul. On either side of this transformation, there are two bookends. First, we recieve Christ. This is the beginning, the salvation of our spirit. At the end of our Christian life is our […]

6 Ways to Experience the Christ in You

August 29, 2011


She was only twelve. But the illness was too much. Her father begged the man to come and do something, to raise her from the dead if he could. Desperate fathers do desperate things. Jesus came, but as He was passing through a crowd, a woman saw Him. She pushed her way towards Him and was able […]

Christians on Campus: How I Chose To Be a Christian in College

June 16, 2011


It’s time for a little bit of a personal testimony. The academic year closes again. For some, the next year brings the daunting change from high school to college. Recently, I began to reflect on my own experience of that change. It was formative. It had an immense impact on the course of my life. Prelude I went […]

72 Precious Words that Define Our Personal Relationship with God

May 2, 2011


So often, my relationship with the Lord is like a text message conversation— intermittent, abbreviated, and distant. How many of us need our personal relationship with the Lord restored? When I say “relationship,” I mean a romantic one. Just us and the Lord. The only way to cultivate such a relationship is  by spending time with Him. […]