Only as Good as its People

Posted on December 8, 2010


The statement that I’m about to make may sound like a political commentary, but it’s not. It’s just a simple statement that I think we would all agree about, regardless of our personal socio-political bend. Okay, here it is:

“A country is only as good as its people.”

Don’t you agree? In a very simplistic sense, a country is the sum of its people. Without people, there is no country. Also, it should follow that the quality of the people determines the quality of the country. For example, many dictatorships must, to maintain control of their countries, eliminate their highest quality people. Example A: Stalin’s Russia. Stalin, in his extreme paranoia, was famous for getting rid of anyone and everyone around him that had the smallest hint of talent or ability because he saw them as a threat to his personal power. By removing the highest quality people around him, he damaged the quality of his country, resulting in its eventual demise.

“A country is only as good as its people.”

The kingdom of the heavens, like any country, needs people. But earthly people will not befit a heavenly kingdom. Some may say that we don’t enter into this kingdom until after we die or after the Lord returns. I disagree. As I see it, the Bible says that the kingdom is now.

Here’s one example of what the Bible says: Hebrews 11:16 says we “long after a better country, a heavenly one” The author must be talking about the kingdom of the heavens. What else could it be? A heavenly country, a heavenly kingdom. Same thing. Okay, but in the next chapter (v.22), the author says “we have come forward to Mount Zion and the city of the living God.” The tense of the Greek verb here is the perfect tense and is translated to present perfect in English. Perfect tense in Greek is used to indicate an action that has occurred in the past and has a continuing result at the present. The author had come forward before he wrote this, and there was a continuing result. Wow.

My point here is that those kingdom people who live in the kingdom of the heavens must be actual people living on the earth today! This is not something in the future. We need a heavenly life today! Don’t wait to be in the kingdom of the heavens. If you wait, you may miss it. Long after a better country. Come forward to Mount Zion.

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