The Kingdom: What’s the big deal?

Posted on December 4, 2010


Here’s a question that I’m struggling with. I’ll set it up like this: we know that the Bible, specifically the New Testament, is the divinely inspired revelation of the loving, intimate, purposeful God. But in His purpose, God chose to begin the New Testament with the book of Matthew, which is a book whose focus is “the kingdom of the heavens.

Now, some say that the kingdom of the heavens is heaven which we’re going to after we die. Others say that the kingdom of the heavens is something that is suspended now but will be continued in the next age after Christ returns.

That being said, here’s my question: As Christians, is “the kingdom of the heavens” relevant to us today, in our day-to-day life or is it a future reward only? I would be surprised if your answer was, “No, it’s not relevant in our day-to-day life.” My gut just feels like that can’t be right. But if the kingdom of the heavens is actually relevant to us in our daily Christian experience, how so?

Restated: Why is the kingdom relevant to us today? Why should we care about it at all?

I have an idea, but I would like to hear your thoughts. Consider my previous post on how the Bible uses the term “the kingdom of the heavens.

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