Watchman Nee answers “What is resurrection?”

Posted on November 25, 2010


Here are some statements by Watchman Nee about resurrection. My mother-in-law (“Momila” for short) sent these to me, and I have been going back to them all week for nourishment. These are from his book Authority and Submission, Chapter 15, The Basis of God’s Deputy Authority – Resurrection

What is resurrection?

1.  “Resurrection is everything that is not out of our natural life, not out of ourselves, and not based on our ability.”

2.  “Resurrection speaks of the things that are beyond us, which we cannot do in ourselves.”

3.  “Any rod can be engraved with flowers or painted with colors, but no one can make it bud. We have never heard of a rod which can still bud and blossom after being used for decades.  This is God’s work… Suppose Aaron had been foolish enough to say to others, “My rod is different from your rod.  My rod is smoother, brighter, and straighter.  This is why it budded.”  How foolish and silly that would have been!  If we think for a moment that we are different from others, that is the most foolish thought.  Even if there is something different in us, it is the result of God’s work.  Resurrection means that everything is out of God.”

4.  “Resurrection means that one cannot do anything by himself, that he can only do it through God.”

5.  “It means that it is not by oneself, but by God.”

6.  “Resurrection means that one ignores what he is and trusts only in what God is.”

7.  “It matters little whether or not you are smarter than others or more eloquent than others.  If you have any spirituality, this spirituality is not based on yourself, but on God’s work in you.”