Write a Christ Check.

Posted on November 11, 2010


The first chapter of the New Testament is a chapter of names, a whole lot of names. Sometimes, it’s too much for me to handle. If you’re the same, try this: just read the first and the last names. The first name is Jesus, and the last name is Emmanuel.

Jesus was the name given by God. This name is wonderful. We believe into this name, are baptized into it, are saved by it, pray in it, call upon it, are gathered into it, are healed by it, washed, sanctified, and justified by it (1 Cor 6:11), preach by it, and cast out demons by it. We can do so many things with this name! This name is like a blank check.

Eventually, through this name, we realize that Jesus is Emmanuel, He is God with us. God did not give Jesus the name of Emmanuel. Man gave him this name after they spent some time with Him. They realized that when Jesus was with them, God was with them. The more we experience Jesus, the more we realize that God is with us. Don’t be too religious. Think about your experience. When you experience Jesus’ presence, you’ve got to admit, “God is with me.” That’s just the fact.

Keep writing checks! Whatever you need, fill in the amount. Jesus is Jehovah, I AM whatever you need.

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