The Opening Statement

Posted on November 1, 2010


The beginning of any book is very important. The Bible is no different. How does the Bible begin? The first 17 verses of the New Testament are a genealogy of Jesus. A common thought is to skip over these verses and begin to read at Matthew 1:18. However, it is very significant that the Bible would start with such a record.

Matthew 1:1 introduces Christ as the Son of David and the Son of Abraham. Firstly, He is the Son of David. In the Old Testament, the most notable son of David was Solomon. Solomon was know for two main things. Firstly, he spoke words of wisdom. Jesus also spoke words of wisdom. People said of Him that no man has spoken like this Man does. Second, Solomon built the temple. Christ said, “Destroy this temple and in 3 days, I will raise it up.” (John 2:19) This is the temple of His Body, which is the church. In addition, in Matthew 12, He referred to Himself as “Someone greater than Solomon.”

Christ is also the Son of Abraham. In the Old Testament, Isaac was the most important son of Abraham. He is know for two main things. Firstly, Isaac submitted himself to his father to be “sacrificed.” Of course, the angel stopped Abraham from actually sacrificing his son, but this is a picture of Christ’s death and resurrection. Also, Isaac received his bride, Rebekah. This is also a picture of Christ receiving the bride, the church, as in Revelation where the church is presented to Christ as a bride adorned for her Husband.

Hallelujah for Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham! What a revelation to begin the New Testament.

P.S. – Actually, this bride is the temple because the New Jerusalem, the eternal temple of God, is “adorned as a bride prepared for her Husband.” But this is a topic for a different time, methinks.

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